August 25, 2014

Music, As It Was Intended To Sound

Quality audio takes your home to the next level of intended entertainment. With music becoming more ubiquitous in our lives, and more and more of it available to more of us, having quality audio capability in our homes becomes more important. At Encore Sight and Sound, we provide the products and services you need for the best home theater systems, surround sound, acoustics, and professional audio systems. We can install an entire audio system, so you don’t have to install CD players, iPod docks, and other devices in every room. With our professional audio systems, you can link all your music devices together for ‘party mode’ and play the same music in all rooms of the house at once.

Having quality audio capability in your home is all about the professional audio installation it comes with. Encore Sight and Sound is all about giving you the best audio experience at home with our professional installation, you can enjoy professional audio with the best acoustics and surround sound. We inspect your home, give you a favorable, honest estimate, and work with you to your satisfaction in your new home audio system. You don’t have to give up your music in a new home. We can set up a professional audio system so you can play all of your music throughout your home any time.

Encore Sight and Sound provides the best audio and video installation in the Ft. Collins area. Get the most out of your music and your home with Encore Sight and Sound. Our products, such as the 4 Zone and 4 Source Distributed Audio System, and the 8 Zone and 8 Source Distributed Audio System can enhance your home experience of music. Get in touch with Encore Sight and Sound today to find out how we can enhance your audio experience in your home.

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