January 24, 2014


Encore Sight and Sound can also set up your computer system to work the way you want it to all the time at home. We can set up your computer network so that it is always fast and performs at a high level. Link all of your computers up to one network so that you can print files from multiple computers on printer, and easily send data from one computer to another. Having a home computer network is advantageous for many families in these and many other ways.

One important aspect of home computer networking is safety and security. We at Encore take pride in our installation services and guarantee to set your home network up so that it is secure from outside hackers. Identity theft is a growing problem now with many people divulging their personal information on networks they think are secure. With Encore installing your personal home network, you won’t have to worry about thieves making off with your bank information.

Encore home network installation ensures that your network is maintained and operating as efficiently as possible with back up safeguards in place so you don’t lose your files. Don’t waste time trying to install a home network on your own. Let Encore help.

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