March 19, 2020

Our Favorite Speaker Brands to Elevate Your Entertainment

Find Out Which Speakers Are the Best Fit for Your Home Movie Theater

A movie’s audio can make or break the viewing experience. If you can’t hear the character’s dialogue well, or if the background noise is muffled, it can throw off the intended immersion completely.

So when it comes to your home movie theater setup, you want loudspeakers you can rely on to deliver top-quality sound, always. That’s why we recommend two audio brands that are trusted in the industry and are known to bring a sound performance to your Windsor, CO home cinema like you’ve never heard before.

Want to learn more? Keep reading on below.

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Triad Speaker Features

Triad makes a promise to deliver world-class audio performance with every loudspeaker installation – and they do not disappoint. You’ll never be met with compromised quality with Triad; instead, you will be able to listen to crystal-clear, incredible audio every time you sit down to enjoy your media.

No matter the sizing of your home theater room, Triad can bring the favorite speakers to the table – from standing ones for a traditional theater setup, or in-wall speakers for smaller, tight-fit spaces.

And regardless of which types of speakers you have for your room, Triad engineers craft each for optimal performance. The finest components, including superior drivers and sealed wood enclosures, provide detailed sound reproduction and isolation, while excellent configuration options and amazing acoustical performance make Triad perfect for your home theater system.

For your home theater, Triad brings an immersive atmosphere to every movie and TV show viewing. As innovators in the surround sound industry, Triad is optimized for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro 3D. The brand’s engineered sealed-box designs offer that precise sound reproduction and isolation we mentioned above, which instantly brings you into a film’s world, every time you press play.

Triad is custom made for you and your theater space. From the colors, the sizing, and even the chosen wood veneer – you have a say in what your Triad speakers look like. Triad aims to bring high-end audio to your home theater in a way that is both seamless and uncompromising; the power of your cinema’s sound is in your hands.

Episode Speaker Features

Isn’t it the best when a movie’s audio so powerful that you feel your seat – and the room itself – shake? Commercial cinemas were once the only place movie-goers could truly experience tangible audio that vibrated the seats with powerful bass to elevate performance. But now, Episode speakers and subwoofers can bring that same level of power to your own home theater.

Episode Home Theater speakers have top-quality driver materials and their exclusive, NCS woofer material ribbon tweeters that promise an impeccable sound performance for every movie or show. But for the big “boom” you want with those intense, earth-shaking scenes? That’s where your subwoofers step in.

Episode offers three high-end subwoofers for your home theater – the Triple, the Evolution, and the Element. Plus, you can even choose in-wall subwoofers that are only felt and heard, not seen, keeping your cinema décor and design intact. Pair these subwoofers with the other Episode audio equipment in your space, and you’ve got a surround sound setup that envelops you in your media’s audio entirely.

Impress and entertain friends and family with a movie night or TV show marathon that leaves them stunned and in awe of how your theater audio and bass immerses them completely. That’s what Episode promises with each performance.

Want to learn more about Triad and Episode speakers, and which brand is the right choice for you? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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