June 25, 2012

Placement of Your Home Theater Speakers in Steamboat Springs

We, at Control4 Home Theater Steamboat Springs, will guide you on how to place your home theater speakers in your room. Start placing your speakers before you start hooking and plugging things up. There may be some people in your home whose hearing may be weak. So, place the speakers in such a way so that they can sit directly next to at least one speaker. Always position your central channel speaker right below the television screen. You may place the front left and front right speakers placement at equidistance on either side of your television. Preferably, the height of these speakers should be more or less the same as that of your central channel speaker. The surround speakers also should be equidistance to the left and right of where you are seated. You can place your subwoofer to the side of the room maybe about halfway between your seating position and the television screen. You can adjust the bass signals of your subwoofer by moving it close to a wall to increase the bass effect.

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