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led lighting

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Have you noticed that the cost of energy to run your home seems to constantly increasing. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see those energy bills go the other direction? Now you can. In the battle to lower energy costs, technology is your friend. In the first real and innovative break thru in lighting technology in decades, you can gain significant help in managing your energy bills.

That new technology is LED lighting. In this technology, Light Emitting Diodes are combined w/ electronics called drivers to create a new lighting technology. LEDs were invented in 1902, with the first visible light LED showing up in 1962. In the following decades, LEDs were used as status indicators on a variety of electronic and household products.

In 2007-8 we began to see LEDs that were optimized for residential and commercial lighting. While the cost was originally quite high, today these costs have plummeted dramatically. If you use a great deal of lighting in your home or business you can see an ROI (return on investment) in as short a time as a year or two.

Here are a few details regarding the cost benefits of LEDs as opposed to incandescents.

  • Incandescents last approximately 1,000 hours. LEDs last 25,000-50,000 hours. This results in a savings not only of fewer replacement bulbs but also the labor/time/danger of climbing to reach bulbs that are hard to reach.
  • Incandescents create much more heat. They give off 85 BTUs/hour. LEDs give off 3 BTUs/hour. When you use LEDs, you see a significant reduction in cooling costs.
  • An Incandescent bulb uses 60 watts to create 800 lumens. An LED uses only 8-12 watts to create that same 800 lumens. This means that incandescents produce ten times as much carbon as LEDs do. And it means that an incandescent will use up to 4 times energy to create the same amount of lumens.

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