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home audio

Whole Home Audio like you’ve never experienced before…

Whole Home Audio will allow you to play different audio sources (MP3s, cable or satellite boxes, dvd players and changers, cd players, Ipod docks, bluray players, etc.) and play them in different rooms. Each system includes streaming services like Rhapsody, Pandora, TuneIn Radio and more built into your package.  You can create a party session where the whole house is playing the same music, or you can play something different in every room. The choice is up to you.

In addition, it frees you from having to install equipment (receivers, cd players, Ipod docks, etc.) in the rooms where you want to play music. With speakers installed in the ceiling or in the walls, you are freed from all the clutter of the equipment racks or bulky cabinetry in the room. This is a great benefit for keeping the focus on the beautiful design you have created for your home, and off of the equipment and technology needed to play music throughout your home. You will also realize a savings because you no longer have to install cd players, ipod docks, amplifiers, or other equipment in every room where you want music.

Our audio packages can be controlled by a wireless remote control, wireless or wired touchpad, wireless keypad, a graphic interface on your television, from a smart phone, a smart tablet, or a PC or Mac. Your music will come alive as you discover the joy of being able to access all of your music collection, no matter its location or format in any room in your home.

Are you ready for a better listening experience in your home?