August 11, 2014

Put More BOOM In the Room With Our Professional Audio

Home theater installation is the ultimate way to upgrade your entertainment system. With a new home theater created by Encore Sight and Sound, you can bet you will have the best entertainment setup in the neighborhood. Encore Sight and Sound provides best acoustics, professional audio, and surround sound the industry has to offer. You won’t miss a line of dialogue from your favorite movies once we install your home theater. In fact, you may not want to leave the house again!

We take care of all the wiring, mounts, interconnects, and all other parts needed to turn your favorite room into the home theater system of your dreams. We scale our theater products to any room you choose and walk you through the installation process so that you know exactly what you are getting and you can make sure that your needs and wants are being met. We also give you a free in home estimate to suit your needs. We offer a variety of products and want to make sure that you are getting the in-house theater experience that you have always wanted. We also professionally calibrate your new audio and video systems to give you optimal performance with acoustics and professional audio.

It’s plain and simple: we know acoustics. We can set up the best surround sound for your home, and we can set you up for life with professional audio services that will knock your socks off. Give us a call to turn your home into a digital entertainment Mecca with the latest and greatest in professional audio and video technology. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect for your entertainment needs, whether you’re a gamer, movie buff, or TV fanatic, let Encore Sight and Sound make your dreams come true.

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