March 27, 2017

Your Small Business Can Make a Big Statement

There are many ways for your business to make a statement. From the goods or services you provide to the ambiance and marketing, each piece of your Fort Collins, CO business makes a difference to the customer’s experience. With a commercial automation system, you can simply and easily synchronize the day to day to allow your business to stand out. In this article, we will cover five solutions and how they will improve your small business. Continue reading to learn more.

Digital Signs

Digital signs allow you to be in complete control over your marketing. An audio video professional can install screens to the outside of your small business. As opposed to more traditional signage, these screens contain marketing content that can interact with potential customers. The format allows for more entertaining in-store marketing, like videos and quizzes. This will create a livelier environment in your establishment. Plus, you also have the ability to change content daily or even hourly quickly and easily. That way what is on your signs perfectly reflects what is happening in your business.

Lighting Control

When a potential customer walks into your store, you want them to feel welcome and comfortable. The lights are a great place to start since they set the stage. Automated lighting provides you the ultimate control over the ambiance. You will have the ability to easily change which lights are on, how bright or dim they are, and even the color temperature at the touch of a button from anywhere in your store. With a lighting system, all of these adjustments can be made via a smartphone or tablet. Using those tools, you’ll be able to highlight specials with a brighter spotlight or create a warm environment with a more red tone on your LED lights.

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Creating the right mood relies heavily on audio. A specific playlist can tell your customer that they are in the right spot for them.  From working on the acoustics of the room to finding the ideal speakers, many factors can affect the quality of your audio. When working with an audio professional, you will find it’s simple to build the right system. One thing to consider is the source of your audio. We can create a system that works with your favorite streaming service so that you can find the music that perfectly expresses the tone of your business. Plus, when your system is integrated into a commercial automation system, you can easily make adjustments to the playlist or volume via a smartphone.


Keeping your business secure can provide you peace of mind and protect your assets. Smart security tools like surveillance cameras can link to your smartphone. That way, you can check in at anytime, plus you will receive an alert if something seems out of place. Another idea is smart locks. These locks allow you to make certain that you’re totally locked up at the end of the day from anywhere. Plus, you can provide employees with a special code or keycard that allows them entry.

When you have a commercial automation system, all of these features will be under one system. Therefore, you can easily synchronize your security with your lights, and your signs with your audio for even better performance. To learn more, contact Encore Sight and Sound today.

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