January 31, 2018

Smart Home Automation FAQ

When you hear the term “smart home automation,” you might think of the future.  One where cars fly and robots are your butlers.  While we’re not quite there yet – your futuristic home is here in the present!

It’s a great idea to invest in smart technology for your Rapid City, SD living space, as it’ll make even just the simplest of tasks that much easier throughout the day!  But where do you even begin with a home automation installation?

Never fear – we’ve got the top questions most homeowners have when they are just starting out on the smart home journey.  Keep reading to get yours answered (FAQ)!


Question #1: What Exactly Is Smart Home Automation?

Simply put, when a system or device is considered “smart,” it means it is connected to the internet.  The various components of the system all communicate with each other online, responding and reacting to one another.

They work to achieve whatever it is you’ve programmed them to do, and you can continue to incorporate as many technologies into it as you’d like!  A/V, shades, security, sensors, and timers – just to name a few – are all examples of smart technologies and services.

The term “automation” comes from the fact that they work without you needing to even get up from where you’re sitting.  Your system works automatically to achieve your goals!

Question #2: Is Smart Home Automation a Big Investment?

No matter what type of upgrade you give to your home, you’re going to have to spend some money.

A smart home system starts to reward you not just with its continuous comfort and convenience, but also with its saved money and energy over the years.  Plus, you don’t have to start out with a fully automated home right away!

You can begin with just installing a smart security system, or with lighting control.  Try adding motorized shades in one room, then expanding to the whole home once you decide you like it.

Start big or small – the beauty of smart home automation is that the system builds upon itself.  You can keep adding to it with ease.

Question #3: How Does Smart Technology Add Value to Your Home?

If you decided to move, some aspects of your systems can go with you.  An A/V system’s gear and equipment are easily transferable to a new space.

But other components such as your shades, lighting, or theater setups will have to stay put.  This adds great value to your home, as a lot of new homebuyers are looking for a house already decked out with these features.

Plus, your home will already be set up with its wiring for automation, which will delight new homebuyers.  No one likes tearing up a new home’s walls to put in wiring, and since these buyers aren’t building their own house from the ground up – your pre-wired place will be perfect for them.

Question #4: How Do I Control My System?

Just because your system can get expansive, doesn’t mean the management of it has to be complex.

You can use a variety of devices to operate it, whether it be a remote, your smartphone, tablet, or wall panels.  Simply press a button, and endless commands are at your fingertips.

And with set scenes, sensors, and timers – you don’t even have to use a device to control the system until you’re ready to change up how the different technologies and features work.

Want to know even more about the process of getting your own home automation installation?  Give us a call or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you!

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