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Endless Smart Home Possibilities

Smart home technology puts you in control of every aspect of your home. And it’s all completely customizable to fit your exact needs. Control the climate systems, play your favorite music, or adjust the lighting—it’s all possible through smart home technology. One-click can run your entire home. 

Our Home Automation Services helps to create a perfect smart home system to meet your needs so you can feel in control over the devices that should improve your life, not disrupt it. 

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Smart Home

Climate Control

Smart systems detect if anyone is home and adjust the temperature based on occupancy, time of day, and weather. You can also set schedules and adjust the temperature remotely to ensure your system is keeping the house comfortable and being energy efficient.

Integrated Smoke Detection

When the system detects smoke, alerts and instructions are broadcast throughout the house and climate control is turned off to prevent the smoke from circulating. Additionally, interior lights are turned off and exterior lights flash to alert first responders, all to keep your family safe and secure.

Home Security

Have peace of mind wherever you are with a comprehensive home security system you can monitor from anywhere in the world. Customize your system with smart locks, motion detectors, cameras, garage doors, and more to protect what matters most.

Multi-Room Audio

Stream high-definition music in any room or every room of the house with the single touch of a button. Our systems connect with all streaming services for crystal clear sound, no matter if it’s background music for a dinner party or loud pop songs for a birthday party.

Automated Doors And Windows

With a smart home system, you control the doors, windows, and window coverings of the house from a single device. Unlock exterior doors to let people in, set schedules to open and close the blinds at certain times, and quickly check to make sure all the doors are locked.

Pool Safety

Pool accidents can happen quickly. Smart pool safety systems automatically send alerts when the fence has been crossed or when something touches the pool cover. Cameras around the pool area can be monitored remotely to see if anyone has entered the pool area.

Smart Lighting

No matter if you’re lighting the entire house or dimming the lights for movie night, smart lighting allows you to control all the lights in the home with one button. Set schedules, make automatic adjustments, and control the interior and exterior lights.
  • We have used Brian for several projects over the past 8 years. He is very responsive when things are not working and has stood by his work on several occasions, fixing/repairing and making things work again. If you want something done right, at a fair price, and with the utmost integrity, Encore Sight and Sound is a GREAT option.
    - Christy Fagerlin
  • Encore Sight and Sound has brought the dream of a home theater to reality for us. They were patient with us, fairly priced, and always available to answer questions. We are thankful to have found them and look forward to future projects
    - Derek Ellis
  • Brian and his crew have been amazing to work with. We have amazing automated lighting choices for the interior and exterior, automatic announcements when people come up our driveway, easy thermostat control, automated shades, integrated audiovisual in all rooms of our home..... the list goes on and on!
    - Vivian Greni
  • Encore Sight and Sound were so helpful in meeting our home theatre needs. They were professional, knowledgeable, and were able to quickly diagnose and repair our existing home theatre system. I highly recommend Encore to anyone looking for home theatre installation or repair. Great guys!
    - Colleen Weismann
  • I called Brian who came out the next day and drew up a custom plan to meet our needs in a cost-effective manner. The installation was professionally done on time with great customer service. We were completely satisfied. If you want a knowledgeable professional and great customer service, I recommend you contact Brian P at Encore Sight and Sound.
    - Ralph Dillon

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