February 24, 2015

Sound Bar vs Surround Sound - What's the difference?

Differences Between a Sound Bar and 5.1 Surround Sound

Are you designing a home theater? If so, you may want to consider the differences between a sound bar and surround sound system. Could you say you even know the pros and cons between each of the options? Basically, there are two factors that differentiate the sound bar from surround sound.

Surround sound home audio usually comes with five speakers and a single subwoofer. This type of speaker system is designed for immersive home theater experience. Installing a surround sound speaker is not an easy task. If you want to make sure that your space will attain the best showroom that you want, you will need the help of Encore Sight and Sound. As of the installation, they will make your speakers as unique as possible. You might want to choose between in –ceiling or in-wall surround sound speakers. Though these two are the most difficult way of installing the surround sound home audio Fort Collins, Encore Sight and Sound take on this task.

With sound bar, you only have to focus on spotting for the location and you will just need a single piece of wire. A sound bar usually sits underneath your televisions and they are intended for all-in-one sound solution. If space is a determining factor, you might want to consider this option. It should be noted that, with some models, virtual surround sound can be achieved by the way the sound bar processes the audio output.

Quality of Audio
When it comes to quality, both surround sound and sound bar system are very similar. Although there are lots of support sound systems that come along with high quality, there are sound bar speakers that slam them down.   One of the reasons is that sound bars have the capability to mimic the audio production of surround sound.

If you want your sound bars to be efficient as much as possible, you should entrust the job with a responsible installer from Encore home solution. They will install your home audio Fort Collins by tweaking the direction as well as the volume of the tweeter which will depend on the audio production in your room.   In addition, sound bars seem to work in a single area in the room which means that it is ideal for room with small space.

Now that you are aware about surround sound system and sound bar, you would surely have an idea now what home audio Fort Collins system you want to set up in your room. Bear in mind, whatever you choose you have to make sure that  the installation  of your home audio system should be done by a knowledgebase a and responsible expert from Encore Home Solution.

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