April 18, 2018

Take the Movie-Watching Experience into Your Own Hands

Remember the last time you were in a commercial movie theater? Most likely there was something about the experience you didn’t quite enjoy. Having to wait in line, deal with bland popcorn, and patrons interrupting the movie is no fun.

But regardless of these complaints, when many clients reach out to us for a home theater installation in Fort Collins, CO, they have the same request: Make it as good as a commercial theater.

Really, they’re talking about the sound and image quality they expect — not recreating the entire experience (there’s a reason they want to bring that home). Our response: Why settle?

Usually, the allure of a theater is its size. But in a smaller setting, it's actually easier to optimize AV components to give you a much better experience than you'd get in a commercial one.

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Screen Placement

Getting to a theater early is paramount if you want to find the right seats. If you’re too close, you’re ending up with a headache and bruised neck. Too far, and you can’t take in all the details. Off to the side and you’re not only straining your neck but seeing everything at the wrong angle.

However, in a home theater installation, your AV professional works from the start to make sure all viewers feel like they have perfect seats. We choose screen size and placement according to your seating arrangement so everyone has a convenient, high-quality view of the screen.

Acoustic Optimization

Commercial theaters typically include acoustic panels to make sure sound is dispersed evenly. Speakers are spread out around the room for immersive audio. So how can you enhance this during your home theater installation?

First of all, you’re likely to have more up-to-date technology than theaters that often go years without updating their AV systems. Second of all, you can remove a lot of variables that affect sound.

We add acoustic treatments and rugs for better audio dispersal. Our Dolby Atmos surround sound installations include double-digit speaker arrangements for 3D sound.

Since you’re in a smaller space, you don’t have to go as loud to get powerful sound, diminishing the chance for distortion. You don’t have to worry about doors being left open, creaky seats, loud moviegoers, or other issues that could mess with your acoustic performance.

Quality Control

Have you ever been in a theater and wished you could make it a little warmer? Or wished you could raise the volume to hear better over your snacking? The best part about a home theater installation is that you can make all the adjustments you need.

With one of our smart control solutions, you can adjust lighting, temperature, volume, and more from the same device. We can even work with you to create pre-set scenes and save them into your system so you can access your favorite settings at the press of a button.

You also get the added independence and comfort of being in your own home. No inconvenient show times. As many bathroom breaks as you want. As much salt on your popcorn as needed.

Are you ready to embrace the ultimate movie-watching experience? Get started on your home theater installation today by calling 970-217-7018 or by filling out our online contact form.

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