February 12, 2016

The Benefits of a Smart Home

All across the country, homeowners are enjoying the benefits of turning their home sweet home into a home smart home by adding automatic systems that regulate security, utilities, and entertainment. Smart homes allow homeowners in Fort Collins the freedom to control many operations of their home remotely from a variety of devices, including their smartphones, tablets, or laptop computers. Encore Sight and Sound in Fort Collins offers upgrades to homes that add to their property value and create a complete sense of ease and comfort.

One major advantage of automating your home is security. Smart homes can be configured to lock and unlock all doors on one system with remote operation capability. You could lock your doors from the office if you forgot or open your doors to let in the dog-sitter. You can hook up your front, and back door locks to the garage door as well. Security is a huge benefit for smart homes. In addition to giving you the ability to manage access control remotely, you can install video cameras on the interior and exterior of your home and view a live feed from your phone or mobile device.

You can also save money by automating your utility usage. For example, you can link your sprinkler systems to your home system to turn them off remotely on rainy days or automatically lower the heat at night. These simple actions can save you hundreds of dollars on utility bills a year without sacrificing comfort.

Wire in your lights and other electronic systems to save even more on electricity by placing timers on them or flipping them on or off remotely.

Combine the energy savings and security to an integrated entertainment system in your home and you will see the full benefits of owning a smart home. Link up your stereo system to your automatic home system and program different music for different rooms or get your speakers to start blasting your favorite album or playlist the moment you walk in the door. All of this is possible with automated home technology.

You don’t need to knock down walls or rewire entire sections of your home to install automatic systems. Most systems are wireless and use radio signals to operate. You can also install these systems in phases.

Start with stereo systems and automatic locks, then add utility controls later. All of these systems can be integrated within your home’s existing structure and existing energy supply. Once installed, not only do these automated systems allow you to secure your house and more conveniently operate many of your entertainment systems, they will also add to your property value when it’s time to sell. Sometimes you can recover what you spent to upgrade your house when you sell.

If you're interested in learning more about bringing your home into the future and beyond, contact Encore Sight and Sound to see how we can automate your home.

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