January 9, 2019

The Pros and Cons of a DIY Home Audio Project

With the rapid advances in wireless high-end audio technology, it’s never been easier to give your home an expansive audio system that you can control from your smart devices. There’s a wide variety of audio manufacturers who are creating equipment that can be set up in just a few minutes, but that level of difficulty changes depending on the scope of your project and if your ear is especially discerning. In this blog, we break down some of the pros and cons of taking on a DIY high-end audio project for your Fort Collins, CO home. Keep reading to find out if you can handle your project solo or if you want to reach out to a smart home integrator like Encore Sight & Sound to handle your installation.

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Pro: Convenience

Convenience is critical for DIY projects, and products from Apple, Google, and Sonos have a low price point and are easy to obtain and set up. You don’t need a lot of technical expertise to set up these smart speakers in different areas of your home, and you can control them with your smartphone, tablet, or even your voice.

Pro: Personal Satisfaction

Like all DIY home projects, there’s an undeniable feeling of satisfaction when you complete a home audio project and everything works the way you want it to. It reinforces your self-reliance and confidence, and gives you the energy and enthusiasm to continue working on projects around the house. But what if you finish your installation and things don’t work as intended? That brings us to our first con.

Con: Lack Of Support

When you take on a DIY home audio project on your own, you’re shouldering the majority of the responsibility, which includes maintenance, repairs, and other support issues. Your high-end audio equipment will most likely have some sort of support team you can reach out to on the phone or online, which is fine if you have small hiccups with your system.

But what if you have more significant problems that require hands-on assistance? If your wireless speakers rely on your Wi-Fi signal to communicate and your home network doesn’t reach certain areas of your home, your technology isn’t going to operate the way that it should and a support line isn’t going to help you. Working with a smart home installer means that you’ll have someone there to walk you through each step of the process and continue offering support once your system is installed and you’ve had the chance to use it.

Con: Generalized Solutions

The products from the manufacturers mentioned above are one-size-fits-all solutions made for mass market consumption. If you want a customized home audio setup with luxury high-end audio equipment, a DIY installation is going to be much more difficult. Working with a smart home company gives you a valuable resource for finding the right technology for your home, which means taking into account the unique acoustics for each space to determine what will give you the best sound coverage.

If your Wi-Fi signal isn’t strong enough, we’ll help you boost your network performance so that you have full coverage in every area of your home, including outdoor spaces. We’ll also help you integrate your audio system into your larger smart home control system, making it even easier to access your music in any room.

Want to learn more about adding a high-end audio system to your Fort Collins home? Reach out to one of our experts by calling 970-217-7018, filling out our online form, or by sending a message in the live chat window at the bottom of your screen.

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