February 21, 2017

This Spring—Be Entertained!

It may not feel like it right now, but warm days are coming to Cheyenne, WY. When the temperatures start to rise, you’ll want to make certain your patio is ready for you. This year, take it up a notch by creating a second living room, one with fresh air. Now is the time to start planning your outdoor audio video upgrade, and Encore Sight and Sound is here to help. We’ve laid out a few ideas to create the best day or night out—without having to leave your home! Read on to learn more.

Create an Outdoor Theater

Who says that you need to be inside for a cinematic experience? While there are many advantages to an indoor home theater, you can also take your movie night outside with proper AV equipment and installation. For your outdoor theater, you will probably want a large screen, a 4K projector, and strategically placed audio equipment. Of course, everything will also need to be weatherproof and therefore resistant to water, wind, dust, and everything you can’t control out of doors. Work with your AV professional to find the proper equipment and lay out your ideal theater. Just imagine those summer night screenings with family and friends. You’ll be the hit of the neighborhood.

We like to consider the natural elements that your yard offers and use those to the advantage of your theater. When we start to plan your outdoor experience, we will first assess your space. If you have a little dip or hill, we could use those to help us define where the seating and screen will be. These will also help us determine where to place the specialized speakers to ensure that the sound reaches the audience, even in an open area.

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Upgrade Your Patio

If you still want a roof over your head while you’re being entertained, maybe it’s time to make some additions to your patio or porch. This is one of the most common spaces to utilize outdoor AV, and we’ve seen some excellent results.

Since this area is typically a little smaller, you could go with an outdoor-ready television instead of a projector. These models are specifically designed to display even when the sun is shining. We’ll help you find a 4K version for the best picture quality. You can go with some outdoor speakers placed along the rafters and/or in nearby flower beds for a surround sound feel. Then when you’re ready to relax and catch up on your favorite shows, your patio will be available.

Another great aspect of adding AV to your patio is that it can become an extension of your next party. Since you already have speakers installed, simply integrate them with your whole home audio system. When party-goers transition from inside to out, there will be no break in the music or the festivities. Then add some outdoor lighting control. Set your lights to a light sensor. That way your lights will illuminate just as the sun sets, so no one will be in the dark and you won’t have to step away from your guests.

If you’re as excited about the upcoming warm weather as we are, get started today.

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