September 21, 2018

The Top Benefits of Professional Home Automation Installation

In an age of DIY smart home upgrades, you may think that you don’t need a professional home automation installation for your home. While there are certainly smart devices you can easily set up on your own, if you want a comprehensive, intuitive, high-performance system, you want to bring in experts that can guarantee you will get the most functionality from your technology.

Top Encore Sight & Sound has been helping residents of Greeley and the greater Northern Colorado area realize their smart home dreams for nearly ten years, and we have the tools and know-how to deliver a smooth home automation installation that will change how you interact with your living space. Keep reading to learn about the main benefits of working with a professional smart home company instead of taking on a complex project on your own.

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One Company for All Your Technology

One of the main reasons people want a home automation system is to bring all of their separate smart devices together with a single control interface, eliminating the need for multiple remote controls and apps to operate technology. There are numerous challenges in creating an extensive smart home, and it can be very overwhelming for homeowners to tackle on their own.

With a professional home automation installation, you have one company that designs an integrated system that suits your family’s specific needs, installs each of the components, programs them into a single control hub, and offers support and maintenance when you need it. We cover all the bases, so you don’t have to worry about the headaches of technology that can be tricky to integrate if you don’t have years of expertise.

Ensure Your Home Network Can Support Your Devices

All of this smart technology needs access to the Internet to function, which puts major stress on your home network. Wi-Fi access points can often only support a certain number of devices, and it’s easy to hit that maximum number when everyone in your home is using the Wi-Fi on their computers and personal devices in addition to the automated technology.

A home automation installation involves checking the strength of your network and coming up with the right solutions to make sure that all of your technology operates without interruptions. It also safeguards your family’s information with firewalls and network encryption, so you don’t have to worry about cybercriminals taking advantage of potential weak points created by all those connections.

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To Wire or Not to Wire?

Wireless technology might be the hot trend right now, but you don’t want all of your smart devices overloading your Wi-Fi network. There’s no need for wireless connectivity when you’re integrating components that won’t be moved like in-wall speakers, mounted TVs, thermostats, and light switches, and in most instances, running a cable will give you better performance and a more stable connection.

Wiring can be an intimidating prospect for homeowners, so it’s safer and smarter to trust professionals that have done it hundreds of times before. And for your wireless technology, we’ll make sure your Wi-Fi has the power to reach every room in your house without losing any bandwidth.

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