September 25, 2018

Trust A Smart Home Company with Your Fort Collins Automation Project

You’re considering a smart automation upgrade for your Fort Collins home, but you don’t know how to proceed. Do you go the DIY route and try to set something up on your own, using simpler tools that are quick to integrate but may skimp on functionality? Or do you reach out to a smart home company to create a custom solution for your home that offers an expansive suite of features that are easy to access and control?

We recommend going with the latter if you want the most comprehensive, easy-to-use system. The entire process will be streamlined, and you'll know that you're getting the best possible system because you had professional design, installation, and programming service.  Read on to learn how a smart home company answers four common questions that can be major headaches for homeowners to solve on their own.

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Does this need to be wired?

One of the most daunting things about home automation systems in the past was the amount of wiring required to get everything on the same control network, and the introduction of wireless solutions is a big reason why smart homes have become so much more common. But going wireless isn’t always the best option, and wires provide reliable connections that deliver optimal performance. Stationary technology doesn’t need to be wireless, and a smart home company will work with you to determine which devices should be wired to the control system and which can use your Wi-Fi to operate.

How do I get the best sound coverage?

Audio is a stepping stone for many smart home automation users. Thanks to smart speakers from Google and Amazon, people have been introduced to low-level smart home systems with a central function of delivering audio throughout the house. Those speakers have limitations, though, and you can get a much richer sound from a whole house audio system that is customized to the unique acoustic qualities of each room. We can even install speakers inside your walls and ceilings, giving you total audio dispersion while keeping equipment out of sight.

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Can my network handle all my devices?

Setting up a smart home system on your own doesn’t do you much good if your network can’t support the weight of all that technology. A smart home company runs a diagnostic on your home network to make sure it has the bandwidth needed, and will offer solutions to ensure that your wireless signal reaches all areas of your home, including outdoor spaces. Firewalls and network encryption keep your information safe, and monitoring services quickly respond to any potential cyber-attacks.

Where should I install surveillance cameras?

Smart home technology can significantly enhance the security of your home, allowing you to remotely access live feeds and archived video of surveillance cameras from your smart device. Surveillance cameras are devices that benefit from professional installation, and a smart home company determines the vulnerable areas of your home where you will want camera coverage. They’ll guide you through your camera options, and outfit your system with lights and sensors that will you get the most out of your surveillance.

Want to learn more about what a smart home company can do for your Fort Collins home? Reach out to one of our specialists at 970-217-7018 or by filling out our online form.

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