January 21, 2010

Tv and Home Theater Fort Collins

Home Theater Fort Collins. One of the most common questions we hear is if it really helps to calibrate your TV. To this we answer an unqualified yes, for a number of reasons. The aim of calibration is to set your TV to display the video content in the manner which the artist intended for you to see it.

You can do it according to how it looks to you, but you will never achieve the kind of setup which gives you the best possible picture. Most manufacturers set their TVs to look their best in the store. In a bright showroom, that means setting the TV to its brightest, most contrasty settings. Accuracy is irrelevant to the TV company. They only want their TV to stand out from among the others, and making it brighter seems to do that.

But brightest and best are not the same in your Home Theater. You will not be seeing the colors with the proper saturation or balance. The details in the darker parts of the picture will be lost, and picture will not be a sharp as it should be.

When a TV is properly setup, you will see the picture the artist intended you to see. That is truly the best picture. You will also realize a significant reduction in the energy your TV consumes, and you will increase the life of your TV or projector bulb.

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