February 18, 2019

What is it Like to Work With a Smart Home Integrator?

If you’re considering a smart technology upgrade for your Fort Collins, CO home, there are two primary avenues for you to take. One is to go the DIY route with one-size-fits-all smart home products from Amazon, Google, and other tech juggernauts, but those aren’t customized to your unique needs and don’t offer any assistance in terms of creating a comprehensive smart home automation system. Working with a smart home integrator like Encore Sight & Sound is the best option for creating a system that meets all of the demands of your family with minimal hiccups, and this blog breaks down the benefits of working with a team of professionals to optimize your smart home. Keep reading to learn more.

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One Company For All Your Technology

A key benefit of working with a smart home integrator is that they have the expertise to design and install a home automation system made specifically for your habits. We’ll outfit your home with a personalized Control4 home automation system, and help you find the right lights, motorized blinds, A/V components, security technology, and other devices to maximize the performance of your smart home. Our discovery process determines what you prioritize and which technologies fit those priorities best, and our design-build knowledge ensures that every aspect of your smart home is optimized to function smoothly in your space.

Part of that optimization is ensuring your home network can handle the strain of all this technology that relies on your bandwidth to function. We test the strength of your network and make appropriate changes to make sure everything will operate correctly. For wireless devices, we’ll expand the range of your Wi-Fi to reach all areas of your home. For devices that will work best with wired connections, we’ll take care of all prewiring and cabling needed to make all the technology work at maximum performance.

Stay On Top Of Energy Usage

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to our planet, and everyone needs to be doing their part to conserve energy and slow environmental decline. Energy monitoring and management play a vital role in this, and working with a smart home integrator helps you take bigger steps to reduce your energy consumption. By using products from Eragy, Egauge, and The Energy Company, we’re able to give you a precisely detailed breakdown of energy usage in your home on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Lights use a lot of electricity, and your home automation system makes it easy to cut down by allowing you to keep an eye on which lights are on in your home and turn them off remote. You can also install occupancy sensors that will turn off or dim lights in vacant rooms.

Want to learn more about how a smart home integrator like Encore Sight & Sound can give your Fort Collins, CO home a reliable, high-performance automation system? Reach out to one of our experts by calling 970-217-7018, filling out our online form, or by sending a message in the live chat window at the bottom of your screen.

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