August 4, 2017

When’s the Best Time to Build a Home Theater?

If you’re a home builder in the Rapid City, SD area, you’re looking to make an impression on potential buyers. In the luxury market, there is an expectation that the home will provide the best in everything. When it comes to entertainment, home theater design sets the room up for an immersive audio and video experience that is sure to impress. If you want to save time and money, the best time to set up the theater is before construction is complete. To learn more about what goes into the process and why it pays off to work with a professional home theater installation team during construction, continue reading.

Home Theaters are Selling Points

When you incorporate home theater design into your construction plans, you are doing two things: helping your houses stand out and increasing your profits. A study done by Consumer Electronics Association found that 35 percent concluded that home theaters boosted their profits. In the same survey, eight out of ten builders said that theaters differentiated themselves on the luxury market. Having a space dedicated to entertainment ready to go seems to be a big selling point for high-end buyers.

Build a Better Theater

Home theater designs should optimize the whole space for a better viewing experience. Partnering with an experienced theater installation team during the construction tends to produce the best results. One example would be acoustically treating the room to enhance the audio inside the space and keep that impressive sound from leaking out to the surrounding areas. The easiest time to install insulating materials into the walls is before the drywall has been installed. A professional theater team could also add architectural details to house equipment like projectors, speakers, and more.

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Design a Luxurious Space

A professional theater team like Encore Sight and Sound can also make sure that all the extra features are included in the design plan. For instance, adding lighting control allows homeowners to set their desired level of illumination right from their seat. By working with your pre-existing blueprints, we can develop a plan for appropriately pre-wiring the space to be prepared for that and other smart technologies.

Decrease Installation Time

Cooperation between builders and home theater experts can dramatically reduce the total time and reduce complications. We will develop a plan that fits neatly into your construction schedule as well as the work you have completed. Working together lessens the possibility that we will have to open up a wall to rewire or install the proper wires. The result is a project that is finished on time and under budget, which means that the buyer will only see a seamless home theater design.

If you’re considering adding a home theater to an upcoming construction, it’s best to work with an expert. Building a perfect home theater requires more than just great engineering, it requires a deep knowledge of audio and video. Teaming up with a trusted installation team like Encore Sight and Sound means fewer issues and a better finished product. Contact us today.



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