October 31, 2017

Why Whole House Audio?

A home full of music is a home everyone wants.  There’s nothing better than listening to your choice of song at the end – or even the beginning – of a long day.  Imagine playing your music, your way – in any part of your home. Whole house audio makes that possible. Below, we talk about the main reasons why we recommend this audio setup to homeowners throughout Fort Collins, Colorado.

Total Access

With distributed audio, you can pull up any song you’re in the mood to hear.  Integrate your entire media library into one centralized system, so you never have to use multiple sources and search endlessly for that one particular song playing in your head!  Upload your CDs and playlists, or use the system’s included streaming services, such as Pandora or Spotify.  Virtually any song is at your fingertips.


Different Rooms, No Problem

The more people in the house, the more musical opinions there are.  If one family member wants to listen to rap or hip-hop, and you’re more in the mindset of country or pop – now both of you can win.  You have complete control over listening to one song in a certain room, while an entirely different song plays somewhere else.  It’s all the same system, with your total command over volume and song selection in each room.

But let’s say you’re listening to a playlist as you’re downstairs in the living room, and want to finish the set as you get ready for bed.  With whole house audio, you can have your music follow you from room to room.  Still control your tunes from the same remote or smart device, and listen in any corner of your home.

Keep Your Décor

Through the use of hidden speakers, you can maintain your stunning interior design and décor, and still allow you to jam out to your music anywhere.  We offer speakers that can either be concealed in the ceiling or the walls.  All that extra equipment cluttering up the room will now not be an issue.  Your home stays as your home, while you seamlessly incorporate music into it.

Simplified Equipment

Since all your media will be available through one centralized system, you won’t have to worry about buying and installing endless components in various rooms.  With one music source, you won’t need as many individual audio components set up throughout your house.  You’ll see your costs go down, and your access to unlimited music at an all-time high.

Let whole house audio change how you arrive back home: bopping your head and tapping your toes, as any song you want plays at your request.  For more information on installing a Control4 audio distribution system, contact us at (970) 217-7018 or online.

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